Hollow Crosses

by Love American

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Written by Love American.

Drums and Bass recorded by David and Aaron of Eager Sea.

Album recorded, mixed and mastered by Aaron Mould.


released March 2, 2014



all rights reserved
Track Name: Sohl
I've learned to accept the things I can
and the things I can't
the pain that stings
and the hope that lasts
and I promise that
for you
I'll stay strong
despite what I lack

As our final days wind down
and our hearts start beating thin
I'm glad to be friends with you
here at the end of all things

Around out necks
hung like hollow crosses
'round our necks
thrown to the sea
Track Name: Only The Penitent Man Will Pass
Beholden heart to the synapse fires
In the want of this desperation and longing
A love that fades but never dies
Or goes gently into that good night
Its hopes to catch the wind
and be given flight

These memories like torches
guiding me back home
to a place so safe so warm
the only thing that keeps me whole
is grasping at these porcelain visions
fading faster into sleep
for I am only alive
when lost in the depths of our
forgotten dreams

This heart
This hope
This promise
This life
A love that fades but never dies
Track Name: It's Dangerous To Go Alone
I want to hold on to this heart
to these hands
for just a second longer
than I can

For each minute takes days away from this future past
locked in moments held in time
like a dancer under glass
circling back
to well worn wounds from long ago
but in the here and now
only to disappear
in to the black
of what we once were
but for now I'm complete
but oh so lost
knowing its forever fleeting

so lets hold on to young hearts
lets hold tight to young hands
like a flame borne from this night
so hold on
hold tight.
Track Name: Waves
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't afraid myself
I've built more walls from the ruble of these bridges than I've had friends
you know, and I know you have too
these things don't just disappear
you're a bad habit you can't break yourself
god knows I'm trying
I only wish you would too

Somewhere outside these walls is a life you could live
if you only stepped through the door
for how hard I've tried
now we don't talk anymore
and I still think about the earth beneath your feet
and even if it doesn't lead back to me
I hope you're not blocked by the fear of what you want to be