Love American

by Love American

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released February 16, 2011

All songs written and performed by Love American except "Then/Than" which was written by Love American and Jed Bookout and is performed by Love American and Natalie Diaz. Produced by Conner Martin. Mastered by Patrick Day.



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Track Name: Where's My Cash, Johnny?
Why even bother with lies
Just sing it strong like an alibi
We're all sinners at heart
We have no morals
We have no faith
Haven't found a word of truth
So we don't bother to pray
But if we don't pray
We don't mean shit

And I will sell my soul
Just to be saved
Just get me out
And I will sell my soul
Just to be saved
And I hope He understands

Let's just keep digging our graves
We're so god damn damned
And hell no I ain't no savior
But if people believe it so be it
Just hand me a robe
And I'll preach to the word

And I will sell my soul
Just to be saved
Just get me out
And I will sell my soul
Just to be saved
And I hope He understands

And if death isn't real fun
Then tell me why
I'm stuck at this funeral
My soul is up for sale
Just let me be saved
Track Name: Keep The Wes Dream Alive
And I feel the love taking over
For just tonight
Let's feel alive for just tonight
No promises just loose ties
Turn off the lights and feed my vice
Laying on your back
Living out your dream
You're the star for tonight
Fake passion fake romance
No morals but we still play the role
Leave your dignity at the door
And your heart at the bedside
This is all we ever wanted
This is all we ever needed
This is all we ever cared for
Our love is real
Track Name: Alabama Fucked Up
This is a robbery
You know the drill
Hands up
no sudden moves
We don't want trouble
All hell breaks loose
Clear out the safe
You can't stop this
Stop this from happening
No body move

Whoever thought
This could be fun
You be my Bonnie
And I'd be your Clyde
this town is ours
Get all the cash
And get in the car

They're coming after us
They're catching up to us
Baby just drive
They're catching up to us

Whoever thought
Our plan would change so abruptly
Oh god why did he move
Oh honey what are we doing
Oh my god
what did we get ourselves into
This life of crime was everything
It was everything we dreamt for
We ran this town
Into the ground
We wanted fame
We wanted wealth
We took everything we could take
And just know no matter what
I will always love you
Track Name: Miles Davis
Am I the only one concerned
And worried about the future
My past is a blur
And I can't really make out the present
I'm curious of who will make it out

And I don't mind
I just need to take a breather and relax
Cause there's nothing that can shock me anymore

But in all honestly who really gives a fuck anymore
I see it in your face
And it's a damn shame
You let yourself come to this
And it's a shame

But I don't mind
I just need to take a breather and relax
Cause there's nothing that can shock me now

If we are a lost generation
Then we are just a lost cause

And we just move through dark days
And we don't have a care in the world
We really forgot what life's about
Track Name: Legendary Birds
Who am I?
And who is me?
Am I who I'm suppose to be?
'Cause these eyes are not
what they use to be
And I'm still searching for
All the right answers
And I wasn't blessed
With a strong voice
But that won't stopped me

And I'm stuck between
These thoughts again
I can't seem to figure anything out
And I look for helping hands
In all the wrong places
Am I just a fragment in time
Waiting for this to end
And really what's there to show
When all of this is done
Track Name: Then/Than
We lead desperate lives
In fevered times
Locked shut in the dreams
Of our distant minds

When these winter days have passed
And there's nothing left to
Hold on to
And The secrets of the past
Will bring us back
To all we thought we knew
And back to when this love
It all felt surreal

Unlead desperate lives
Our fevered eyes
Gazed longingly to escape
Unwanted dreams
Can we unlock the dream in
The grand scheme of things

Take long breaths
Let's make it easier on me
Feel free to compromise these feelings
As long as they won't end

Make it easy I feel so cheap
So god damn sleazy
Just let me sleep instead